Protecting Your Business

In the last 12 months, 64% of businesses in the UK have experienced crime.

For any business owner this is a frightening fact. Not only can it cause disruption to the running of your business causing a loss of profit, depending on your assets, property and scale of operation, it can also affect your brand.

Have you got the most appropriate physical security measures such as gates, automatic barriers, bollards, blockers or turnstiles to protect your site? Unsure or don’t know where to start?

As the British manufacturer of physical security, Frontier Pitts design, manufacture, install, commission and then maintains the equipment for years to come, providing any business owner with complete peace of mind.

23. FPL_PC_FBX at gymInitially one of our Technical Consultants will visit your site, without charge or obligation, offering technical advice on the most appropriate and effective perimeter security system (including integrated security systems such as access control), and provide you with a full tailor-made proposal.

Frontier Pitts products are renowned for our British engineering, quality and reliability. Our engineering ability allows us to adapt any of the standard designs to provide a bespoke solution to suit your individual requirement on your premises.

As gate automation experts and DHF Safety Assured accredited members, all business owners can be safe in the knowledge that their gate has been installed correctly by Frontier Pitts.

Furthermore our range of Maintenance Contracts can provide you with the exact cover your business requires, which gives any business owner complete peace of mind.

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Meeting the Challenge

As the British Manufacturer of Security Gates and Barriers, Frontier Pitts has yet again met the demanding challenges of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation installation in a volatile country.

This latest accomplishment provided anti-terrorist security equipment to the Oil Fields of Southern Iraq, which consisted of 25 Terra Manual Barriers and 18 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates. Both of these products are from Frontier Pitts Anti Terra portfolio and have been successfully impact tested in accordance with the British Standards PAS 68 specification.

The Rumaila Oil Fields in Southern Iraq are estimated to contain 17 billion barrels of oil, which accounts for 12% of Iraq’s oil reserves. The Terra Manual Barriers installed are manually operated by the Security Guards and provide traffic control. These are backed by our shallow foundation Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates, which provide the ultimate level of defence, with the capability to stop 7.5t travelling @ 50mph.

11. FPL_Terra_Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate iraq

Frontier Pitts were specified for the project by National Security Consultants who required not only a product, but an integrated turnkey security system, manufactured and installed by a specialist renowned for its British Engineering prowess. The project specification required a quality product which had been created under an audited BSI (British Standards Institute) Quality Management System, whilst also complying with the stringent criteria of the British PAS 68 impact test program. This publicly available specification, which has become the security industry’s benchmark for HVM equipment, is sponsored by the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI) and requires the vehicle security barrier to stop a higher kinetic energy than that of its US’s ASTM counterpart.

As a PSSA Verified Sliding Gate manufacturer, Frontier Pitts add value to any installation by ensuring our products are rigorously audited to recognised international accreditations including the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association Verification certificate and the BRE Loss Prevention Certification Boards LPS1175. These awards illustrate Frontier Pitts’ commitment to continuously demonstrate their high security equipment is fit for purpose and consistently manufactured as per impact test specification. The accreditations also illustrate that the product meets the customer, market and regulatory requirements, and when in use, produces the intended performance.

The success of this installation further emphasises Frontier Pitts’ unmatchable capabilities in not only meeting, but exceeding the requirements of large, overseas perimeter security schemes. With onsite training and support leading a team of engineers, Frontier Pitts are proud of the dynamic and efficient delivery of such a key project, especially during a time of such conflict in Iraq.

The PAS 68 and CWA 16221 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate was successfully impact tested with a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph. On impact, the gate stopped the vehicle within the aperture. The gate leaf is constructed with a Heavy Duty Crash Impact Beam and Heavy Duty posts support the gate leaf. The Cantilevered Gate requires no track or support across the roadway, therefore no roadway excavation needed. The balance is provided by a unique enclosed “runback”, which enables the gate to be fully projected across the roadway without the risk of tipping.

The HVM Gate is available in widths up to 6m, with shallow foundation depths of only 500mm required. It is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Frontier Pitts custom build all gates to our unique specification, allowing architects and designers to integrate HVM security equipment into any design architectural design.

Thunderbirds to the International Rescue!

An international client unfortunately ‘hit a barrier’ when the Terra Blocker they had purchased from Frontier Pitts on a supply only basis was installed the wrong way round, with the attack face on the secure side of site.

The error was only realised when the 5m Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Blocker was raised for commissioning by Frontier Pitts engineers after the C40 concrete had cured.

hvm_blocker_international_excavation_c15c108e13 terra_blocker_civil_engineers_faa51be968

After numerous in depth Technical meetings, Frontier Pitts sent a team of civil and mechanical engineers to the African location to excavate the Terra Blocker complete with 22 Tonnes of cured concrete, and rotate it 180° into the correct position. Following numerous calculations, safety planning meetings and lift tests on site, the blocker was successfully rotated and re-installed into the correct position at the praise of our impressed client.


The Security Manager on site concluded ‘there is a reason why Frontier Pitts are the specialists in the field of physical security. Other suppliers would have walked away with a supply only contract, or attempted to up sell with another blocker unit. For Frontier Pitts this was a challenge their engineers were keen to prove they could solve. This not only saved us major additional costs, it was also the only solution not to delay the program unnecessarily.

This project further emphasizes the importance of qualified and experienced engineers installing HVM equipment in accordance with the International IWA 14 and British PAS 68 specification, and using PSSA Verified manufacturers. Installers may deem themselves capable but there is a reason why Frontier Pitts is the top name in the global HVM market.

Frontier Pitts at the London 2012 Games

Frontier Pitts are pleased to announce that they have received official supplier designation by the British Olympic Association for Suppliers of Security Barriers, Blockers and Gates to the London 2012 Games.

During the London 2012 Games, Frontier Pitts protected various Olympic sites including the Olympic Park, Greenwich Park, Old Trafford and St James Park.


Three pairs of Frontier Pitts PAS 68 Terra V Gates were installed at Greenwich Park venue during the games. The venue held the equestrian events and the riding and running parts of the modern pentathlon events. VIP attendees to Greenwich Park during this time included members of the Royal Family. After the games, our client described the Terra V Gates as the ‘Best Security Gates of the London 2012 Games’.

The Terra V Gates are a pair of bi-parting hinged gate leaves that secure in a shallow ‘V’ shape. The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Gates were successfully impact tested to PAS 68 stopping a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph) which equates to 1852kJ. Zero penetration on to site and product remained fully functional after impact.

Grant Lemmon, Project Director of FM Conway HVM commented “Frontier Pitts supplied 3 no sets of V gates for Greenwich Park as part of our HVM install for the London Olympics 2012. These gates proved to be a good choice as the anticipated traffic flows were higher than anticipated but the gates remained totally reliable throughout the games period. Frontier Pitts showed a very professional approach and coped well with various design changes, gave an excellent back up service and would recommend there services on other schemes.”

The primary function of the PSSA Verified Terra V Gates was to enable legitimate site vehicle access and egress whilst stopping any hostile vehicle that may try to enter by ramming. Such clients for this type of HVM product include high security establishments and CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) sites.

1. FPL_Terra_Terra Surface Mount Blocker

Manchester United Football Club’s home Old Trafford was the venue that hosted the Olympics Football Tournament. Frontier Pitts PAS 68 Terra Surface Mount Blockers protected this venue and the blockers have remained as part of the Olympics Legacy program.

The HVM Terra Surface Mount Blockers are the only surface mounted blocker to be successfully impact tested to the BSi PAS 68 specification and remain bolted in its original position during and after impact. As the blockers name suggest, they are manufactured with Surface Mount Technology, requiring no foundations. A concertina skirt finishes the product and prevents potential trapping areas. A flush mount installation is also available. Similarly to the original Terra Blocker and Terra Shallow Blocker, the hydraulically driven HVM Terra Surface Mount Blocker has been successfully impact tested to PAS 68 stopping a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph) which equates to 1852kJ. On impact the blocker stopped the vehicle within the aperture.

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Frontier Pitts Bi-folding Gate Airlock System at an International UK Airport.

As part of their Framework Agreement, the Contractors objective was to create a new access road to the fuel farm, and increase security with an automatic gate interlock which would also monitor and control the refuel of aircrafts. The new access road construction required a single width entry and exit lane to accommodate 45ft HGV/Fuel Bowser vehicles.


As the new access road was required to accommodate 45ft HGV/Fuel Bowser vehicles through an Airlock Security System, space was particularly restricted. The security solution was also required to be 100% duty rated to fulfill the heavy usage required by an International Airport. Therefore the Bi-folding Fast Gates were the perfect solution to ensure the gates took up the minimum of space.

A traffic light system was mounted on the bi-folding gates post to provide clear visibility for the drivers, and ensure they proceed through the automatic gates when they are fully open.

At Frontier Pitts, we highly recommend safety features are fitted to your automated gate to comply to safety standards and alleviate the dangers associated with automatic gates. Safety devices on this installation include traffic lights, vehicle detector loops, safety edges, photocells, flashing beacons and sirens

Integrated Perimeter Security Solutions from Frontier Pitts

Frontier Pitts PAS 68 HVM Terra Ultimate Barriers, Rising Terra Bollards, Static Terra Jupiter Bollards integrated with Bi-folding Gates and Turnstiles system at an Airport Distribution Centre

Frontier Pitts secure various Distribution Centres in the UK with a variety of IWA 14 & PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions.

Our Interlock system of HVM Rising Bollards, HVM Terra Barriers and Bi-folding Speed Gates provides the location with the Ultimate level of counter terrorist protection.

As with all Frontier Pitts equipment, this interlock system has a duty rating of 100%.

The Terra ULTIMATE Barrier is the PAS 68 automatic drop arm barrier which provides the Ultimate Solution. Integrated with Frontier Pitts Bi-folding Speed Gates, the Ultimate Barrier provides the ultimate hostile vehicle mitigation defence to the fast acting security gates.

The Terra Ultimate Barrier was successfully impact tested to PAS 68 stopping a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph). On impact the barrier stopped the vehicle within the aperture.
Please click here for the Terra Ultimate Barrier product page
Please click here for the Bi-folding Gates product page

PAS 68 Rising Terra Bollards were installed as part of the Interlock system with the Ultimate Barriers and Bi-folding Speed Gates.
Please click here for the Rising Terra Bollards product page

PAS 68 Static Terra Jupiter Bollards were installed to provide the perimeter fenceline with HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) protection.
Please click here for the Static Terra Jupiter Bollard product page

For Pedestrian access, Full Height Turnstiles were installed next to the vehicle access gates. Please click here for the Turnstile product page

Since commissioning this system has been fully maintained by Frontier Pitts for additional peace of mind. For Maintenance Contracts please click here

Terra_Ultimate_Barrier_and_Rising_Terra_Bollard_Interlock_at_a_Cash_Centre_03f9d11cb5Terra_Ultimate_Barrier_and_Bi-fold_Gate_system_at_a_Cash_Centre_9c30ab57e510. FPL_Terra_Rising Terra Bollards_cashhvm_static_terra_jupiter_bollards_protecting_a_fenceline_e1611956f1

Specifying Your Perimeter Security



The ability to bar access to unauthorised vehicles is a fundamental concern for all security and facilities managers wishing to install an effective deterrent to secure their site whilst maintaining the safety of both their staff and the public.

Many perimeter security companies provide a range of products and the choice can be very daunting to the general member of the public. Specification is the key, and the most reputable companies will be able to manufacturebespoke equipment tailor made to your actual site.

Question is, where do you start? Do you install an automatic barrier system, a sliding gate, a road blocker or a rising bollard? Is there an existing fence line or does this need to be installed as part of the system? Or would static bollards be more appropriate as they restrict vehicles whilst allowing free movement for pedestrians.

Once the actual product has been specified, then…

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